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True Wolverine Story

The story I remember most vividly was about a man hunting a wolverine from a snow machine in the spring. He followed the animal’s tracks for several miles over rolling tundra in a certain valley. Soon he caught sight ahead of a dark spot on the crest of the hill—the wolverine pausing to look back. The hunter was catching up, but each time he came over a rise the wolverine was looking back from the next rise, just out of range. The hunter topped one more rise and met the wolverine bounding toward him. Before he could pull his rifle from its scabbard the wolverine flew across the engine cowl and the windshield, hitting him square in the chest. The hunter scrambled his arms wildly, trying to get the wolverine out of his lap, and fell over as he did so. The wolverine jumped clear as the snow machine rolled over, and fixed the man with a stare. He had not bitten, not even scratched the man. Then the wolverine walked away. The man thought of reaching for the gun, but no, he did not.

—Barry Lopez
from Crossing Open Ground

[SPECIAL THANKS to Sergey Gorshkov.]

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